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   How to make a woman orgasm
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ニア The length of sexual life is related to the individual's physical fitness, intercourse skills, and mood. As long as the intercourse time exceeds 5 minutes, it is normal and does not require treatment. Whenever strong exercise is the most practical way to extend the time of sex.

Harmony in sexual life between husband and wife is one of the prerequisites for family harmony. How to make a woman have a fast orgasm is a problem that many men want to know. In addition to their own physical fitness, there are many sexual skills. Today I will share with you for women Methods of orgasm.

There are three types of orgasm: the first is clitoral orgasm, the second is vaginal orgasm, and the third is G-spot orgasm. In terms of quality, G-spot orgasm is more violent. Generally, women who can squirt are G-spot. Orgasm, a few are vaginal orgasm, almost no clitoral orgasm, so using a few fingers to stimulate the G-spot quickly and continuously is the fastest way to achieve orgasm. Generally, a short foreplay is needed to adjust the atmosphere. The woman’s vagina is moisturized and then pressed. G point can be reached in 1-5 minutes, let's talk about the specific steps for a woman to achieve orgasm.

Note that you need to flirt first. Before you make love, you need to caress, talk, or hug, and do foreplay first. When she has started sexual desire, you can kiss the whole body, from the mouth, the earlobe, and also to the ear Say some love words, after that, you can start having sex.

There is no age limit for squirting. Then my personal practice is to bend the woman’s legs to the top, (that is, the upper body and the legs are less than 90 degrees, and the bottom is right) is the position where the girl is most comfortable and can be inserted the deepest. I don’t Know how to speak specifically. Then press her thighs with your arms, grab her waist, you twitch with your JB, and then pull her whole body toward your own penis with your hands, quickly, when it stimulates her a lot, it may be possible There will be squirting, not every time. Then, if it can’t happen, you can use your hand and two fingers to reach in, (to the second finger) you can touch the vagina wall with the tip of your hand, and press it quickly. of. Also, it’s better not to take a shower before two people start to flirt together. It’s best to take a shower in your own home, after you come out and have sex, and don’t stop during sex, because this will reduce the interest. Another point is , 9 shallow and one deep, what I said is not necessarily 9 times, you only need a lot of shallow ones, suddenly a deep one, women will be very exciting
If you don’t have much confidence in yourself and want to further your ability to make love, then I suggest you consider buying a full-size sex doll, so that you can improve your sex ability and making love skills through actual combat with the doll, and bring yourself. Come with greater confidence, but now the physical dolls are generally made of silicone and tpe materials, so they are heavier, so it is recommended that you buy a mini love doll or torso sex doll, so that you will be more when you have sex smoothly.
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   Japanese manga artist exposes
Japanese manga artists open up their personal hobbies, and realistic sex dolls make people feel real.

Many people feel that interpersonal communication has become more and more hypocritical and full of all kinds of profitism. They would rather spend a lot of money to buy real dolls to be filled with pink confidants or intimate partners, and pay more than to treat them with real people.


Many foreign celebrities admit that they have their own love dolls. They usually put them in the most conspicuous position at home and will not hide them in cold and dark storage boxes. In their eyes, real sex dolls are "Real" exists, and its status in the heart is very important.

The famous Japanese manga artist Jun Miura and the author of "Tokyo Tower" Masayoshi Nakagawa have also disclosed the appearance of their beloved BBW sex dolls, and described their love for dolls in various occasions and works, and expressed that they are very dedicated , I won’t like the second "person" anymore.


Sometimes they are like the parents of the dolls, taking care of the dolls meticulously, washing, powdering, changing clothes and other things. When a guest comes to the door, he will take pictures of the guest and the doll. Like a parent, he always hopes that others can praise his daughter: "It's so cute!" Sometimes, she is like her own girlfriend, introduced to friends and treated with care, for fear that the doll will be "angry" because of too much play with friends.

Life-size sex dolls have different characteristics depending on the manufacturer’s production skills. For example, Nakagawa Masaya’s doll Erika is made by the Saitama factory in Japan, and the material is very soft, while Miura Jun’s Erika is made by a famous Japanese doll factory It is produced by Oriental Industry. The tiny parts of lips and eyes are so fine that it is almost impossible to tell whether it is a real person or a doll.


For Miura and Nakagawa, it is very happy that their dolls can be made public, but it is very heartbreaking to let the dolls be displayed frequently or touched, especially the dolls are very delicate things. Their dolls are over 30kg, and it is not easy to twist their limbs. They are not cheap sex dolls that most people imagine, but they are mainly for viewing.

Real-life mini sex dolls are their dearest and trustworthy companions and will not betray themselves. Therefore, many people say nothing to the dolls. Nakagawa also wants to push Erika out in a wheelchair and let it see who she is meeting with today; they work When I was tired, I lay on the baby’s lap and received healing treatments. Sometimes I felt that it was too much trouble to interact with people. But people will still be lonely, even if it is troublesome, it turns out that only a doll is not enough!
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   Satta king
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   Why is owning a real doll not
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ニア Although real-world dolls are considered taboo in many countries and regions in the world, real-world dolls have a huge following all over the world, including artists, celebrities, office workers and people of many different professions. Tpe dolls are fun, have many amazing benefits, and have completely replaced old plastic.

In addition to being an ornament, the realistic doll has evolved into an excellent alternative to loneliness. Nowadays, it is not uncommon to find lifelike physical dolls in China, because there are many reliable suppliers. Many well-known and trustworthy physical doll brands such as LFO and Sulrebor have opened stores on e-commerce platforms to provide people with high-quality physical dolls at competitive prices

Owning a tpe doll may sound strange, but you should not be ashamed of bringing it home for any reason. Many people from all over the world like to use them to kill boring time. When these dolls provide multi-faceted companionship for the host, the effect will be obvious.

The best way to protect your relationship

When seriously considering buying these dolls, there is no sense of deception. Many people think that physical dolls are a safe way to introduce themselves to their partners because they have no real feelings. Physical dolls are nothing more than sexual exploration. If there is love, these dolls can help you avoid loneliness without having to deceive your partner. 

For buyers, it is important to choose exquisite dolls with a series of additional functions. In order to make an informed choice, it is important to understand the details provided by the doll shop. Contact with well-known brands can ensure that you get good products in the shortest possible time.

Many people are not satisfied with their lives, but still want to avoid any external temptations and enrich their lives by choosing lifelike physical dolls. With the help of these physical dolls, they can meet various needs. These physical dolls are one of the most companionable toys, helping both parties to establish a delicate balance in their daily lives.

How can reality dolls help protect Mother Earth?

It is important and interesting to understand how sex dolls  can help protect the planet. Physical dolls made of materials such as silica gel and TPE are generally regarded as green substitutes, which are different from many unqualified or environmentally harmful raw materials on the market. Physical dolls made of these materials have high durability due to the lack of plasticizers.

For those who have physical dolls, it is best not to throw them around and buy storage boxes to store them in case they are damaged for any reason.

If they break the doll for any reason, instead of throwing it away or buying a brand new one, they should try to repair them or buy a replacement. Contact the manufacturer, through reliable sources and original materials: TPE glue, eyelashes, hair clips, stainless steel joints, etc. Repair the doll and you will soon see your doll recover.

It is very important for buyers to choose products that meet their needs and can effectively help protect the environment.
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ニア 最高級時計コピー専門店
★顧客は至上 誠実 信用。


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   AI seems to be mainly women
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ニア Although for some reason, people always seem to refer to any machine as "she" or "she", it is more profound than that when it comes to artificial intelligence. Since men seem to feel that they can establish more connection with something by giving it a female pronoun, this has translated into AI. When they treat it as a female, they are also more likely to care about it, even though it is strange. Of course, in addition to female robots, there are also men

When creating a talking AI, it is more important to treat it as a female. There is actually an understandable reason for this. Research shows that people actually tend to find women's voices more soothing and trustworthy. Although AI with a female voice can still lead a robotic uprising, this is not hypothetical. The female voice is educated, usually caring for others, which makes people feel very comfortable. This is why most artificial intelligence tends to be women. We just trust it more.

30. Artificial intelligence will have a literal "Gaydar"
We all have a friend who thinks they have a great "gay master" because they can find someone and know if they are gay. Although this may be a fun party trick or something to do when you are bored, it is usually fun. The magical power that your friend doesn't really know. After all, it doesn't matter whether a person likes the same sex or the opposite sex. This is their own choice, not someone else's.

Some people may not know how they feel, or they don't want others to know. However, artificial intelligence machines that are now being manufactured will be able to determine whether someone is gay or heterosexual based on a photo of someone’s face. This may obviously be a problem, well, it may be wrong. Even if it is correct, it can be used to target people and can be easily abused, which can lead to harassment. Not to mention the psychological consequences of those who are still "in the closet." Many people now choose to buy silicone dolls and tpe dolls in order to solve their sexual needs, because the price of robot sex dolls is still relatively expensive, and many people want them but don't.
29. Artificial intelligence does not require real data to work
One of the facts about artificial intelligence is actually not a fact, that is, the concept of artificial intelligence working with real data. This is actually untrue, because the overall operation of AI does not require "real" data at all. Through data, we are not referring to things like 1 and 0 that help make AI itself.

We are referring to data that can be based on opinions rather than facts. For example, what if the AI data is formatted to use facts mentioned by politicians. Many of them use facts that are not the case, because they are actually opinions or complete lies. If artificial intelligence is based on the data they provide, it can use this to further promote lies. Synthetic data may also play an important role in their programming and cause major problems.

28. Artificial intelligence pets are expected to be huge
One of the facts we know about artificial intelligence is that the making of artificial intelligence pets is not complicated. Therefore, you don't have to do much to make a comparison with a real humanoid. AI Pets is expected to be a huge market, which makes sense. Artificial intelligence-driven pets will have fewer shortcomings, such as not having to follow them or train them.

You must make the animal truly reflect what it looks like in real life. However, this is all you need to do to make it work. The place is now studying them, and it is expected that by 2025 we will see these pets begin to be promoted on a large scale. It is not yet certain how far the average dog or domestic cat company may go. However, if you can knock down one animal, then other animals may be easier.

27. The future of artificial intelligence will be able to repair itself
One of the most interesting facts about artificial intelligence is that, unlike humans, it cannot discover its own internal problems and solve them on its own. For example, the computer will tell us when something goes wrong. Then it is up to humans to ensure that we fix what the computer recognizes. So far, so has artificial intelligence.

However, some artificial intelligences have shown signs of being able to repair or "cure" themselves in a variety of ways. They can find internal errors or problems, and then often get rid of it. The idea is that if we can continue to use this type of artificial intelligence and then try to make it as smart as humans in solving internal problems, then it could be huge. This AI can then be formatted as other artificial intelligence and continue to improve.

26. The adaptability of artificial intelligence
When we talk about facts about artificial intelligence, we mention a common thing. Artificial intelligence can learn and adapt to things. This is a bit correct, but a bit wrong. Yes, there are currently some forms of artificial intelligence that can adapt to things based on the new information it receives. However, there are problems. New information must be provided to AI to be completely changed, such as computer software updates.

However, some people can learn from the common problems it sees and adapt to this. However, it only happens in areas where AI is formatted. For example, AI aims to find viruses to adapt to catching viruses that spread in different ways. This does not prepare it to adapt to what it was not designed for. In the future, this situation may change, but it is likely that most artificial intelligence will still focus on one area.
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   10 cool things you can do with
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ニア When we think of sex dolls, we usually think of a super sexy female doll, with full breasts, beautiful curves, beautiful back, and a cute face .
After all, this is the truth, right? It is called a sex doll, so it is designed to appear when you need to be released and satisfy all your sexual needs.

This is what most people without sex dolls will tell you, because people who have one (or more) sex dolls are sharing a completely different story.
Extensive research shows that sex doll owners have found a way to truly connect with their sex dolls at a deeper level, including experiencing feelings and emotions that are more complex than purely physical.
This is interesting because it shows how much sex dolls can help people who are lonely and not necessarily well-behaved in social interactions.
After all, not everyone benefits from insoles in shoes, right? But some people will. In fact, some people cannot imagine life without them. Believe me, it's no different when I say sex dolls.
So, besides having sex, let's see how you can be in the bedroom
10 other cool things to do with your sex doll externally: take a bath with your sex doll and you soaked. However, before bringing your sensory experience to the bathroom, there are some key things you should consider.
First of all, the main problem is the material of your doll. For example, sex dolls made of silicone are more heat-resistant, and if you like ultra-warm baths, it is a good idea to invest in silicone dolls.
On the other hand, sex dolls made of TPE have poor heat resistance, which means you must either consider keeping the water temperature low or avoid bringing TPE dolls into the bathtub frequently.
In addition, you should also try to avoid using shower gels, shower gels, soaps or any other things made of artificial colors.
This has not been proven, but artificial colorants can sometimes stain the skin of the doll. This is not something that happens all the time, but it may happen because you can't be sure-it'
When you consider the price paid for owning her, the sex doll that may damage you is definitely not worth it.
Finally, avoid immersing her head in water when bathing, as this may damage her mouth.
Consider all these suggestions and enjoy a beautiful and relaxing bath with your love doll.

Take your sex doll to the park. If you are fortunate enough to live in a secluded place, few people go to the park at certain times of the day—you may enjoy sitting on a bench, listening to birds, or reading a book, and Relax next to your sex doll.
This is also good for sex dolls, because taking her out from time to time for fresh air will allow her to breathe a little bit and help prevent the smell of home that accumulates on her skin and clothes.

Take a photo with your sex doll. There is really no limit to your creativity when taking pictures and choosing to use sex dolls, because your muse can become a full-time career or something you do for your own enjoyment.
New York photographer Stacy Leigh is the master behind the shooting of sex dolls, making them look very realistic and lifelike.
These mannequins are her models, and Stacy cares and respects them very much. As part of the project called "Ordinary Americans", she carefully selected their ensemble and cleverly put the doll in attractive poses.
The purpose of the filming is to prove that anyone can find themselves attracted to the doll, so as to eliminate the dispute over the doll. People who use them
. Stacy also believes that in a world where everything is becoming more digital and less personal, sex dolls are the lovers of the future. She feels full sympathy for them and believes that a real relationship can be established with sex dolls.
In addition, many ordinary people who do not make a living from photography are very happy to use their free time to dress up and beautify their sex dolls so that they can take pictures and even tap hidden talents or new skills.
Related: How to take photos with sex dolls?
Watching a movie with your sex doll. When you have a partner, it's better to spend a peaceful night in the comfort of your home, and that's when you check here, sex dolls are much better than singles.
Your sex doll will not complain about the entertainment you choose at night. On the contrary, she will be happy to accompany you on the sofa. When you feel comfortable, you can use it as a pillow, a footstool or just a hug. You are about to fall asleep.

The Snuggle HerSex doll made of TPE is very soft and realistic. This type of partner can be an incredibly pleasant hug.
Simply snuggling against her and feeling her gentle skin and soft, swaying breasts will not only improve your mood at the end of the day, but also make you feel that you have something better than the real things around you.
One suggestion is to avoid putting too much pressure or friction on her skin, because due to its softness, TPE is unfortunately a material that is more susceptible to pressure-induced damage and potential permanent creases.

Exercise your bedroom on your sex doll. In some cases, using a sex doll may be similar to using a treadmill for free running training.
Sex dolls, like treadmills, will help you improve endurance, speed, endurance and strength, and will generally turn you into a more capable partner in the bedroom.
Because sex dolls do not have the ability to judge or express dissatisfaction, when they find themselves in bed with a real partner, it eliminates the performance anxiety of many men.
Unfortunately, this kind of tension and pressure can negatively affect the abilities of some men, and they can last as long as they want. Therefore, using sex dolls is a legal way to eliminate the pressure caused by having sex with a real partner, and It will definitely help you relax and learn how to enjoy yourself.
In addition, sex dolls can help you regulate your body’s natural orgasm tendency during sexual intercourse. Therefore, if you happen to suffer from premature ejaculation, constant practice of edging will definitely help build your mind and body attention and keep you at all times Can experience an orgasm whenever you can't bear it anymore, don't.
Going for a drive If you are a person who likes to ride, you might be more than happy to bring your doll for a drive.
Some people are afraid of feeling alone, so putting a doll in the car helps to give them a sense of company and security. Unfortunately, many of us are not so lucky.
Relax while listening to good music, or simply talk to your doll about your day or things that keep you awake at night but you can't tell anyone, driving will be particularly relaxing.
Don't worry, your secrets are definitely safe for your doll. In addition, it turns out that making your negative thoughts public (not hurting others) can help you relax.
Dressing her up and dressing up your doll can be a very interesting experience, especially if you are not afraid to let your imagination and creativity go crazy.
It should be noted that please choose the fabric you buy carefully, because some materials will stain and transfer to the skin of the doll, so the reputation is not good.
Fabrics such as artificial and leather, denim, latex, and dark, heavier clothes are usually not suitable for sex dolls.
Instead, choose fabrics such as cotton, silk, and polyester, while choosing soft and light colors.
Also, don't forget the small details and make sure you complete her outfit with a pair of beautiful glasses, jewelry and other accessories of your choice.

Practicing different hairstyles on your sex doll. Different hairstyles will really change the overall appearance of your doll, so having multiple wigs of different styles and colors will definitely bring some new fun to your life.
Why choose blondes with straight hair when you can invest in different hair colors and tools such as hair dryers, curling irons, and other accessories to make a little change.
If you feel more lively, you can buy a good pair of stylist-level scissors to make your doll look more personalized.
Sex doll wig
Don’t forget about makeup. It’s too daily. Makeup is a very important everyday item. It can not only make us look brighter and clearer, but also completely change our appearance.
Changing things with the appearance of your doll will not only make things interesting, but over time, it will help you get better makeup, and you can even enjoy this meticulous craftsmanship.
First buy some makeup brushes and cheap powder makeup kits containing eye shadow, blush and bronzer. Avoid using lipstick and eyeliner because they are usually milky white and can easily stain the skin.
On the other hand, the powder is very easy to use and can be easily removed if you make a mistake or want to change the appearance of the doll.
If you want to learn more about sex dolls, you can go to lovedollshops.com. There are many popular science articles about sex dolls, and there are also many high-quality sex dolls for sale.
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