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   The making process and
aboutsexdoll [M] [H]
ニア If you are a healthy boy, you should be more or less interested in adult sex dolls. For those who don’t know, sex dolls are used to simulate female or male behavior. This is a doll that looks and feels very real, and is sometimes purchased as an appreciation or dress-up doll.

However, I can't say the same, but there are still some boys who are very powerful. They have conducted in-depth understanding and research on authentic dolls, and also understand their reasons and uses.

The production of love dolls is divided into three stages. First, assemble the skeleton frame. Second, attach the polyurethane material that is the core of the body to the skeleton and coat it with silicone. Finally, finish deburring and silicone paint. There are many secrets to entrepreneurship, and only the sorting part is collected, which is the third step. As this process requires exquisiteness, the craftsmen are all made up of women. This is unexpected, because you can imagine that there are only skilled stubborn fathers.

The first task is to cut off the excess burrs. Only use scissors with curved tips and clean them while using the unevenness correctly. Silicone is scratched due to the nature of the material, so it cannot be archived. It is a craft that uses scissors to remove burrs at once.

The hair is a wig, but the bottom is all hand-sewn. While checking the overall balance, sew one to several pieces with a special needle. The adhesion to the body did not stop there. Even the curvature of the palms and belly are reproduced, and the quality seems to be mistaken for humans. The uncompromising prototype was repeated to create this bag. While changing the ratio of urethane to silicone, it can create the real best wrinkles. As for the face, the lips are colored with an airbrush, and the eyebrows and the area around the eyes look like people. Finally, like human makeup, it is done carefully with a brush.

Buy sex dolls
Commit to such a place where the fucking sex doll looks like a real person. The combination of mold preparation and 3D scanning creates soft characters and facial lines. It feels that the silicone on the surface of the real doll looks like human skin, and you can’t see it even when you close your eyes.

Handmade love dolls. It seems that special care is taken to avoid individual differences. The user claimed to be married to Aiwawa and feel attached. It is sensitive to the difference between catalog photos and actual products. Nevertheless, based on the experience and intuition of the craftsman, he made more types of sex dolls. For example, the curing speed of silicon is different between summer and winter. The craftsman determines the state of hardness and creates a sense of uniformity.

A real sex doll makes you think it is expensive when you ask the price. However, if you understand your promise and craftsmanship, you might think that the price is very reasonable. The production cycle is 2-3 weeks after the order is placed. The summer and winter bonuses are followed by peak seasons, so if you are interested, now may be your opportunity. There are two realistic sex dolls below you can take a look
Doll-forever 155cm Tan Sex Doll | Gilly
Gilly is a medium breast sex doll made by Doll-forever. She has a fantastic body, excellent proportions. She is 155cm tall, Weight 29kg, is very light and easy to handle, perfect for first-time doll owners looking for a high-quality sex doll. Her white hair and deep eyes are very sexy and will bring you a different experience!
Height: 155CM Big breats
Weight: 29kg
Neck: 28
Shoulder: 34
Bust: 82
Under bust: 62
Cup: E
Waist: 52
Hips: 80
Thigh length: 34
Thigh circumference: 46
Low leg length: 44
Calf circumference: 27
Upperarm length: 27
upper arm girth: 20
Forearm length: 20
forearm girth: 18
Peet: 21.5
Vagina: 18
Anus: 16
Oral: 14
Packed weight: 34kgs
Dimensions: 144x38x27cm

SanHui 158cm big breasts Asian sex doll -Qinqin
Qinqin is an Asian girl with long brown hair, exquisite features, slender figure, especially her big breasts, which is very attractive. She is a mature girl with rich knowledge of sexual theory. She is the best One of the popular dolls. Like her, contact us.

Height: 158cm
Head circumference: 49cm
Shoulder width: 34cm
Lower bust: 59cm
Bust: 81cm
Waist: 54cm
Hips: 82cm
Shoulder: 66cm
Armpit-Middle finger: 60cm
Leg length: 83cm
Head to lower body: 75cm
Arm circumference: 20.5cm
Thigh circumference: 47cm
Foot board: 20*7cm
Weight: 31 (KG)
Packing size: 158*42*33CM
Lower body: 19cm
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aboutsexdoll [M] [H]
ニア Practice your sexual skills, sex positions and intimacy preferences on sex dolls
Everyone wants to "do a good job" in terms of sex. So, what does it mean to be good at sex, and how can you perform such activities without exposing yourself to another person? Every classic TV show or movie features young teenagers who want to have sex with their best friends so they can become experts in sex when it really matters.

This can be stressful for people and, in many cases, will completely prevent people from maintaining close relationships. There is a lot of pressure to meet the standard performance, which is why people today use sex dolls as a solution.

As a lifeless partner built like a real person, you can practice your sexual skills, position and preferences without having to make judgments. What could be better than that? Here are a few ways that sex dolls can enhance your confidence, performance and pleasure in the bedroom:

Gender stance

No, we are not just talking about military style. Everyone knows how to make love boringly. What about interesting things, such as doggystyle or spread eagle? Exactly. To use a sex doll, just pull out the sex posture you want to try, and then use the sex doll to position yourself exactly where you need it. The sex dolls nowadays are generally tpe sex dolls and silicone dolls. They can have sex with you in various positions.

If you are a perfectionist, do it over and over again until your muscle memory drops. You can learn a new position every week and learn more about your body and the aspects that make you feel good. There is nothing hotter than a confident partner. The next time you approach your man or woman, know what makes you ejaculate and they will love you for it. In the meantime, you can thank you for your sex doll!

Sexual skills

We all want sexual skills, but find it difficult to develop them without anyone practicing. With a sex doll, you can practice oral sex skills and posture until you are tired. You can rotate the dolls, let them sit down, let them stand up, or put them in strange places in the house. Mix their positioning until you have complete confidence in your abilities.

You can also use the doll in front of the mirror to see what you look like during certain sexual activities. Spare no effort to really hone your natural skills.

Gender preference

As we mentioned, once you practice all these activities, you will begin to learn more about yourself and what you need to get sexual satisfaction. When their romantic spouse is straightforward and announces something that will make them scream, the partner will love it. This is more fun than touching awkwardly and hoping someone will ejaculate.

All of this can be achieved with a single sex doll, as realistic as possible for your sex education and enjoyment. It's time to practice, no comments, judgments or afterthoughts! Explore your sexual curiosity and desire.

If you want to know more about sex dolls then you can go to lovedollshops to take a look, where you will find a lot of new knowledge and you will also discover a lot of interesting things.
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   What are the advantages
aboutsexdoll [M] [H]
ニア When you are ready to buy sex dolls, you will see many very beautiful and realistic sex dolls on the market. You tell the sales customer service that you want to order sex dolls. The sales customer service said that this is a hair transplant doll, the price is more expensive, but very beautiful, that is a wig doll, also very beautiful, but the price is very affordable. After listening, you are puzzled, what? Are there hair transplant dolls and wig dolls? What is the difference between them and which is better?

With the development of the sex doll industry, customers have higher and higher requirements for sex dolls. They require sex dolls to be infinitely close to real women, the more real the better, and the more real experience the better. Therefore, in recent years, many sex doll manufacturers have turned to the production of silicone dolls. The number of silicone doll manufacturers has changed from a few to dozens. The silicone sex dolls they make are becoming more and more realistic. There are hair transplants, realistic blood vessels, skin texture, freckles, bikini sunburns, etc.

What is a silicone hair implant doll?
Hair transplanted dolls refer to artificially implanting hairs into the scalp of the sex doll in the process of making the head of the sex doll. This process requires a lot of time and energy. Therefore, the price of silicone hair transplant dolls is relatively high.

Why can hair be implanted with silicone doll heads?

This is because the material of the silicone doll is relatively hard, and the overall texture of the head made of silicone is relatively hard, high in toughness, and strong in shaping. When workers manually implant the hair, the surface of the silicone head is not easy to crack and can maintain a good scalp surface. The hair is distinct, not much different from the hair of a real person.

Silicone hair transplants are divided into real hair transplants and synthetic hair transplants. The real hair transplant is to buy real human hair on the market and then implant it on the silicone doll head. The cost of real hair is very high, and some real hair needs to be imported from abroad, so the price of real hair silicone sex dolls is the highest, generally around 4000-5000 US dollars. Synthetic hair transplantation is to buy synthetic wigs on the market and implant these synthetic wigs into the head of a sex doll. The price of synthetic wigs is relatively low, so the price of sex dolls made of silicone synthetic hair is relatively low, about 2000-3000 US dollars.

What is a wig version of a sex doll?
The wig sex doll means that no hair is implanted during the production process, but after the production is completed, additional wig pieces are purchased and sent to the customer together with the sex doll. The customer wears the wig piece on the head of the sex doll when using it.

Wig sex dolls are tpe sex dolls, because tpe sex dolls cannot be transplanted, so tpe sex dolls are all equipped with wigs. Of course, silicone dolls also wear wigs, this is mainly to meet the needs of different users: some users want silicone dolls, but do not want to pay the price of hair transplantation, so manufacturers retain silicone wig sex dolls.

The price of the wig sex doll is relatively low, because there is no hair transplant cost and time cost, the price is usually 1000-2000 US dollars, and the silicone sex doll wig version is about 2000 US dollars.

Wig sex doll

The advantages and disadvantages of hair transplantation dolls
Advantages of hair transplantation dolls:

(1) Lifelike: The head of the silicone hair transplant doll looks very lifelike, and the hairline and scalp are the same as the real person.

(2) Beautiful: Realistic hair transplants make the whole sex doll look very beautiful, and the experience for customers is also very good.

(3) It is not easy to dye. The hair of the sex doll with hair transplant is directly implanted into the scalp. The wig is not polluted and will not stain.


(1) The price is expensive. The price of silicone hair transplant dolls is generally between 4000-5000 US dollars, and the price is so high that customers will not choose to buy them.

(2) It is not easy to clean and maintain. The hair of the silicone hair transplant doll is closely connected to the entire head. If you need to clean your hair, you need to remove the entire head from the body and wash it. The makeup of a sex doll is easy to get dirty, and it is easy to get into the head.

(3) Sex dolls have only a single hairstyle. The hair and scalp of the silicone hair transplant doll are connected together, and it is not easy to change the hair style.

(4) For suppliers, silicone hair transplantation increases the cost, and it is easy to cause product defects during the hair transplantation process and increase the overall cost of the enterprise.

Pros and cons of wig sex dolls

(1) The price is affordable. There is no extra hair transplant cost, so the price is relatively low, and it is also suitable for sex doll purchasers with a small budget.

(2) Hair style can be changed at will. Customers can order multiple sex doll wigs and change the sex doll into different shapes.

(3) Easy to clean. Take off the wig and wash it separately without damaging the head of the sex doll.


(1) Not realistic enough. The hair of the wig sex doll is a wig, and the naked scalp can be seen from different angles. Without hair roots, it doesn't look very realistic, and the experience is not very good.

(2) The head of a sex doll is easily injured. Because the wig is easy to slip off when worn on the head, it is easy to scratch the head of the sex doll. The color of the wig can also contaminate the head of the sex doll.

Wigs are prone to ageing. If you do not pay attention to maintenance, the wig is easily damaged.

Wig sex doll

How to choose dolls when buying?
Buy a hair transplant or a wig doll?

First, refer to your budget. If your budget is around 4,000 US dollars, you can try the hair transplant silicone doll, because it is very realistic and worth buying. If your budget is less than $2,000, then you'd better choose a wig version of the sex doll.

Second, refer to your preferences. If you like realistic sex dolls, then you should choose silicone hair transplant dolls. The price of silicone wig is slightly lower and is the best choice. If you don't have any requirements for the fidelity of sex dolls, you can choose tpe wigs, the price of this type of sex dolls is really right.

Third, look at your purpose. If you buy sex dolls mainly to solve your sexual needs and don't care about the appearance, you can choose a sex doll with a wig version, which is cheap and can be replaced if it is not fresh. If you like photography, cosplay, dressing, and use sex dolls as models, then you'd better choose the hair transplant version of sex dolls. This type of sex doll is very realistic and will create very good materials for you.
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   Are sex dolls good or bad?
aboutsexdoll [M] [H]
ニア What is good or bad: society, the people who use them, both?

In terms of social development, sex dolls have existed for more than 300 years. The "Dutch Wife" is so named because the 18th century Dutch sailors made masturbation puppets out of leather and cloth and sold them to the Japanese.

If they are harmful to society, then people will think that we already know it now, at least there will be anecdotal evidence of harm and I can't find any evidence.

There is anecdotal evidence about the harm of sex dolls in the form of children, and there are general political and legal changes to eliminate any shape or form of sexualized children...including cartoons or video games. Australia can imprison you for 15 years for owning a doll that is believed to appear to be under 18 years of age. Many people want a young sex doll. They look small and cute and give people a sense of accomplishment, but this is a wrong idea.

Where things get tricky now is actually between law and politics, where politicians and legislators find this area "annoying", which means they do anything that requires the least effort. They may be looking for a reason to make all dolls illegal. I can imagine that in a few years Australia will imprison you for a long time for owning one, because they are rapidly moving towards that...mainly because it is cheaper and It takes less effort, instead of going through a court case to determine whether your doll is "underage", just declare all dolls illegal to solve the problem and narrow the legal loopholes.

But we must not confuse law and morality. It is not immoral to smoke marijuana, but it is illegal in many places. The argument that war on drugs and marijuana are "gateways" to more serious drugs or crimes may be used for sex dolls. They might say They are "gateways" for using "young" dolls or raping or abuse of children.

So in terms of harm, If you are persecuted by the state, most of it will be given to the doll owner. The wider society may not notice or care about doing anything about it, or even promote the use of dolls to persecute men. Some of the men I imported are in prison or condemned for their dolls. I would say that they are adults and/ Or they have no evidence that they are harming society. Of course, the media, news blogs...some people use axe and doll to hone people's inhumanity. They do this because they think it is reasonable, because they think the owner of the doll has personified. The reality is that they humanize the object, but they will not dehumanize the person. But as long as people think that the doll owner is deviant and perverted, then the real risk is obviously for the doll owner, not for the doll owner in the wider society.

Nowadays, there are various styles of sex dolls, mature sex dolls and mini sex dolls. With the development of this society, people’s sexual needs will never change, but the phenomenon of more and more boys and girls is getting more and more serious, so sex dolls are she There are pros and cons. Everything has two sides. She can help people solve their sexual needs and can help us reduce rape cases. Of course, there are also disadvantages. I am afraid that some people will be obsessed with dolls and it will be difficult to end.
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   Can feminists stop the popular
aboutsexdoll [M] [H]
ニア No, no matter how hard you work, you can't stop progress. However, sex robots will not "replace" women as some people suggest, they will only enter the equation of dating games and relationships, and provide alternatives for those who choose it.

Sex dolls (not sex robots) have developed by leaps and bounds in the past 5 years or so. We have really changed from the stereotype of inflatable sex dolls to sex dolls made of PVC and other materials, with realistic skin, Hair and warm body and vagina, thank you self-heating material. The last boundary of sex dolls is the uncanny valley, where their faces are indistinguishable from the real faces. We have not crossed that, but it is a matter of years at most. The dolls nowadays can be said to have developed to a certain level. There are various appearances, including chubby sex dolls, skinny sex dolls, and curvy sex dolls. It can be said that she has all the mentality of our human beings. , The main one is that she can’t speak, but the robot sex doll is already in development, so some things are just around the corner

Sex robots (sex robots) are sex dolls that support intelligent actions and have made rapid progress in the past few years. A Chinese company called ai-bots (ai means love in Chinese, not AI) now has robots that can walk on their own in a realistic way, including going up and down stairs. Another company, this company from Japan, has a robot with complete facial movements, from speaking to blinking, to turning around, to making facial expressions, etc., it looks very realistic. At the same time, she can pronounce orgasm. When you stimulate her, she will naturally moan to stimulate your sexual desires and solve your sexual needs.

Within a few years, most sex robots will enter the market, and the demand for them already exists. This is a multi-billion, possibly trillion-dollar industry that is now emerging, so no amount of protest will close it or ban it. It's because of the rules of money.

And it's not just the "loser" type of men. Just as some people suggest to make themselves feel better, they will get dolls. With perfectly healthy men who can feed women and become great husbands, they will also buy dolls. But I will not regard dolls as a means to replace women. They will become male toys, just go out or female dildos, very advanced dildos.
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   otona love ラブドール通販店
otona love ラブドール通販店 [M] [H]
ニア 「おとなLOVE」(otona love)は、リアルドール販売店です https://otona-love.jp/
すべてのセックスドールに使用されている素材は、高品質の医療用グレード、フタル酸エステルフリーで、品質管理および認証をもち、日常の使用に非常に安全です。すべてのリアルドールは現実の人間の型から作られており、3D彫刻されています。otona loveは慎重に私達の製造業者およびブランドを見直し、選択し、より多くの人々が安い価格でより良い品質の商品を購入できると信じています。また、正規代理WMDOLLラブドール、6YEDOLLラブドール、JY DOLLラブドール、メーカーから直接消費者の手元に届くようなサービスを提供させていただきます。
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   ラブドール通販店 | ブランド正規品
otona love ラブドール通販店 [M] [H]
ニア <a href="https://otona-love.jp/">ラブドール</a>通販店 | ブランド正規品, (otona love) は正規直販店であり、自分の生産現場を持っております。第三者に通らず生産現場から直接顧客に配送するため、TPE素材や高級シリコン製のラブドールを低価格高品質で入手できます。
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