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   ラブドール 正規品
ニア ◆ご注文を待ちしております
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   ラブドール 正規品
ニア ◆ご注文を待ちしております
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   What are the types of masturba
aboutsexdoll [M] [H]
ニア What are the types of masturbators? How to use masturbators
Introduction to masturbation devices
Masturbation devices are tools used by men, and women for self sexual stimulation. In the past, masturbators were something that was mentioned and felt shame, but with the development of society, people are under more and more pressure, and not all friends couples can be together, and of course some more lonely people. So slowly it is being accepted. Although some places are still very rejected, but most people can understand, on the one hand, can relieve pressure, to solve their own physical needs, but also to reduce crime, prostitution and other acts. So overall, it's still helpful to society. So we shouldn't look at products like masturbators with colored glasses, there is a need, there will be a market. Masturbation is the best way to prevent contracting STDs.
2 What are the types of masturbators
1, local anesthetics, delayed erection class

2, to strengthen the sexual sting J, that is, erotic teasing series
Such as tortoise Tou coronal ring (with the elastic ring of protruding prick J thing, fixed in the tortoise Tou under the coronal sulcus), sex jacket (more with silicone as material, can 'increase, lengthen' sex organ, more with protruding prick J thing), with protruding prick J thing condom and so on.
3, lubricants, sex aids
Such supplies are suitable for sexual excitement, or post-menopausal women. It can lubricate the pubic D, reduce the discomfort and even pain of xingjiao. The woman with insufficient sexual experience, too nervous to fully sexual excitement is also very suitable to use, it allows women to easily get used to, adapt to the sex machine cha into.
3 male masturbator how to use
Male products mainly include inflatable dolls, solid dolls, hand-held masturbators, put on the bed of inverted products, and with swinging, vibration, sound, double points, heating function, all aspects can be well adapted to the different customer needs.
1, airplane cup / masturbation cup. Masturbation cup belongs to the male portable class sex toys, also known as enlargement physical therapy cup, the use of its own health care function to make male sexual organs play a health care do role, to increase the effect of thickening. The appearance of small, like a coke cup, imitating the cunt mouth anal three kinds of pleasure channel, due to the built-in structure of high simulation, so the use of realism is very high.
2, entity doll. Entity doll, a simulation of human adult sex products. Made in accordance with the ratio of 1:1 girls. Instead of real people to meet the orgasm. Inflatable dolls are relatively soft and flexible after inflation, the skin is similar to the real girl. Easy to carry and clean, can be used repeatedly. She has a lot of styles you can choose the doll you want according to the style you like, if you want to experience the pornography of different countries then you can choose black sex dolls or blondes, if you want to anime in the sense of a girl then you can choose anime sex dolls, or you can also choose to customize a full-size sex doll that belongs to you!
4 female masturbator how to use
With the help of female masturbators can increase the stimulation of their sexy parts, so that they accelerate sexual excitement, make the life of couples more harmonious, and make women get greater sexual satisfaction from it.
1, the correct installation of batteries; 2, before use with 75% medical alcohol scrubbing disinfection products, in the product coated with an appropriate amount of lubricant, it is recommended to use with condoms; 3, inserted into the body, start the switch until orgasm; 4, close the switch and exit from the body.
Cleaning method.
Cleaning women's masturbators should be cleaned with a soft brush or hand, then rinse with water, take out and control dry, to be half dry with a soft towel to wipe clean, without leaving water lines and handprints. Cleaning women's masturbators should be careful not to wait for the water to dry before wiping, because the water dry will leave water lines, must be half dry when wiping, if you want to make the crystal products brighter, then placed in the sun for 2-3 hours after cleaning, absorbing sunlight after the product is brighter.
5 masturbators how to buy
1, brand: adult products because they are more special items, when buying the best choice of well-known brands, so that both the quality and safety and health are guaranteed, especially some barbed and beaded products, encounter poor quality, easy to fall off during use, lingering in the female vagina, causing more trouble.
2, material: most of the adult products need direct contact with the skin, especially the intimate parts of the body, if the product material is not properly selected, it will bring safety risks to their own health, so before buying to determine whether the product material is in line with national safety standards, whether it is safe, direct contact will not have an irritating effect on the skin.
3, use: must buy a suitable for their own, some people are sexually indifferent, choose to stimulate to mention the interest of adult products, such as erotic lingerie, aphrodisiac drugs; some people have physiological disorders, choose nourishing and strengthening the body class; some people want to increase the interest to meet the object, the pursuit of a better quality of sex life, then choose the couple flirt class.
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aboutsexdoll [M] [H]
ニア How does it feel to use the actual doll? What are some good solid dolls?
When the entity doll in our real life has become a common sexual tool, many people may want to ask what it feels like to use the entity doll? The actual doll is comfortable to fap with?
The physical doll feels close to the real touch of natural skin. It adopts the alloy bone posture dexterous joint flexible simulation design, so that the limbs can be freely bent and stretched, any adjustment out of different lovemaking positions, so that the sex process more fun. The actual doll whether in the chest or vagina design, the above is a lot of effort, so that she is very similar to the feeling of the real person.
Of course, when we have sex, you can not force too hard, otherwise it will damage the doll's appearance, and when we hold the entity doll, it must be like holding a girlfriend, you can not vigorously pull their hands and feet, or head caused by her appearance of damage.
And the general design of the entity doll is very fine, the body proportion is very good, can be in the time of sex on the body of the caress, so many men feel very satisfied.
But a penny is a penny, just like everyone's needs are the same, the need is the need to solve the problem is the most important, nothing shy embarrassed, the normal solution to the physical problem is not promiscuous is a very good habit, entity doll to choose a suitable price and reliable brand is the most important, heart couple entity doll is a reliable and trustworthy choice.
How about the doll is considered a good doll
Now the doll industry can be said to be increasingly competitive, many doll brands are blossoming, each with a variety of advantages, so how the doll is considered a good doll? Now the dolls are generally tpe material and silicone sex dolls, it can be said that these two materials have been very popular in the market, so this can no longer be considered an advantage, many manufacturers in order to give people the best experience has begun to focus on the function of the doll vocal heat, although there are now some robot sex dolls on the market can do but ultimately is still not perfect. So the road still has to go step by step, so now from the tpe material and silicone material to say
There is a wide variety of entity dolls on the market, the price from a few thousand dollars to tens of thousands of dollars are available, a huge price difference between the entity doll height is not the same price, there is also the production of entity dolls used to use the impact of the material used. Different kinds of materials between the price difference between the entity doll is also very big, and the current market entity doll using materials are generally platinum silicone, silicone, tpe, and the following for you to share the difference between the three materials and the actual use of the effect
tpe entity doll, platinum silicone entity doll, silicone entity doll
Platinum silicone, silicone, tpe
Method / step
A, platinum silicone
Platinum silicone is high-grade imported silicone raw materials, two-component plus molding vulcanizing agent made, compared with tpe, has the advantages of environmental protection, efficient and tasteless, high health grade, molding to get products with high transparency, anti-yellowing, non-toxic and tasteless, long service life, physiological inertia, biological aging resistance, etc., the use of more reassuring;.
Platinum silicone, medical grade and food grade silicone are widely used in medical and sanitary products, daily necessities (such as silicone kitchenware, silicone gifts, etc.) which are industries with high requirements for safety and environmental protection level.
Second, the platinum silicone used in the platinum silicone entity doll
Advantages: health and safety, non-toxic without any odor, long service life, not easy to oil and deformation. Material can not be recycled, there is no waste made of solid dolls.
Disadvantages: slightly harder texture compared to tpe, high material cost price and production trimmings and waste materials can not be recycled, resulting in high production costs of individual dolls, while the relative retail price of dolls on the high side makes it difficult to accept.
Suitable for use.
Three, silicone
ordinary silicone is made of ordinary silicone, traditional vulcanizing agent, the cost price is relatively low, but after a period of use will slowly turn yellow, its physiological inertia will also weaken in long-term use.
ordinary silicone is most commonly used in environmentally friendly industrial supplies, accessories and auto parts, electrical accessories.
Fourth, the silicone used in the silicone entity doll
Advantages: health and safety, non-toxic without any odor, suitable for physical doll shape shaping, clear skin texture, delicate and realistic.
Disadvantages: hard texture, not suitable for use, suitable for model photography, etc.
Five, tpe
Thermoplastic Elastomer TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer) is a rubber with high elasticity, high strength, high resilience, but also has the characteristics of injection molding processable material. With environmentally friendly non-toxic safety, wide range of applications, excellent coloring, soft to the touch, weather resistance, fatigue resistance and temperature resistance, superior processing performance, without vulcanization, can be recycled to reduce costs, both secondary injection molding, and PP, PE, PC, PS, ABS and other substrate materials wrapped bonding, can also be molded separately.
Six, tpe entity doll
Advantages: the material cost is very low, slightly soft texture, molding entity dolls are inexpensive, popular products, more easily accepted. The production process of waste materials from the trimmings can be recycled many times to further reduce production costs, second-hand recycling can be reused.
Disadvantages: the material odor is too big, making it difficult to accept, there are also added flavor to taste, but the fragrance is too thick also makes people feel bad, health and safety concerns.
Seven, comprehensive analysis
Platinum silicone entity doll suitable for use, health and safety, long service life and no odor. But the high price is not easy for people to accept.
Silicone entity doll health and safety without odor, clear skin texture, delicate and realistic, but the texture is too hard for use, suitable for models photography collection hobby, etc..
tpe entity doll texture is slightly soft, the price is very low, more acceptable, but the odor is too big, the service life is not long.
If you want to know more about sex dolls you can go to lovedollshops.com to see where there are a lot of good entity dolls, whether you want a large chest sex doll or mini sex doll or male sex doll there are all available.

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   The pit position and maintenan
aboutsexdoll [M] [H]
ニア The first thing to remember, a penny, a penny goods, greedy for small bargains are pitted by the waifu abound, we remember not to pay tuition. Material, one is tpe, one is silicone. tpe material is very soft, in the details of processing is relatively rough some, the later will be a little oil (this aspect as long as the diligent puff protection powder will not affect the use), will be a little odor, the price is relatively cheap. Silicone feel slightly hard, but more delicate three-dimensional, no odor, the price is also more expensive. There is also platinum silicone, that is, more resistant to aging than ordinary silicone, high temperature, environmental grade is also higher, in fact, or silicone (the previous two materials also meet the environmental requirements, non-toxic and harmless to humans.) Of course, the price is also more touching some, personally do not recommend, because the ordinary wa friends can not tell the difference between ordinary silicone and platinum silicone, it is easy to fall into the trap, and the Japanese factory more than 60,000 to 70,000 yuan, not at all I and other civilians can afford to spend (there are 60,000 to 70,000 to buy what is not good, buy what doll ). In terms of personal opinion to vent on the choice of tpe dolls, photos, models, when the daughter raised, buy silicone dolls.

In terms of China's national conditions, the entity doll is still high-end consumption, that is to say, bad who will be heartbroken, regardless of feelings or value. So you need to love and care. Normal use, proper maintenance, physical doll life is definitely not short, but if you do not care, may be a small detail will ruin the whole doll.

1. Cleaning: do not trust others immature treatment methods, such as using alcohol, gasoline, or even 84, that is going to corrode the doll. Normal cleaning with water, plus body wash. Dirty things can not go how to do, use olive oil, or other oils, poured on a cotton pad, wash healthier. In addition to large areas of staining, and very serious, you can use the color removal cream, the other is not recommended.

2. wig care: Again, if you buy a physical doll, you need to know a little common sense, the doll needs to be cared for. Hair is the same, if it is too much trouble, then tie up. At the same time at least two months to wash the wig, the same as washing the head, the difference is not to rub in circles, slight rubbing can be, want to make the wig better care? Then use conditioner it, after washing water plus conditioner stirred, soak, yes, soak, half an hour, take out, natural air dry. If you are really lazy, then you will tie braids, ponytail on the line.

3. clothes staining: do not buy dark clothes, if you really want to buy, at least buy an expensive point not fade. Well, if you still choose 9.9 free shipping clothes, then at least wash the clothes before wearing, wash your doll more than once the chances of staining will be much lower. Then wear before the doll to play powder, talcum powder Oh! Powder is a normal maintenance props, in the manufacturers can not solve the problem of oil and feel, more powder, there will be unexpected surprises. Do not be afraid of staining, slight staining with oil-based makeup adsorption, in fact, not serious, the doll put, they will also evaporate. Seriously, buy decolorization cream, apply 24 hours on it, but it will be corrosive, generally not recommended.

4. vaginal cleaning problems: giveaways are vaginal cleaner, in fact, the mouth and anus can be used. The figure is simple, let the doll sit after cleaning, the water will come out naturally, or you can take a hair dryer, blow down. The time is long, you can occasionally use the gynecological clean or something, not for the doll, for your own sake, there is a disinfection effect. The actual fact is that you can use a lot more than a few of these, but remember to use the herbal neutral, not to identify, listen to me, the women's health care a dozen on the line. The same as the vagina, but to screw down to wash, of course, when the bath can be directly wash.

5. makeup problems: remove makeup with olive oil ah makeup remover can be, the almighty olive oil, 9.9 package is very practical, there are dolls can be prepared. All can be unloaded, but no technical geeks, easily do not wash eyebrows, because really few people can continue to draw eyebrows well, return to the factory to draw again very tossed said. At first it is recommended to draw first lip gloss or something, in the middle you can come to the eyes ah, eyelashes ah, and so on. Including the eyes can buy some alternative, replaceable, the overall effect changed at once. Wigs are not to say, Taobao quite a lot, but to buy a better quality, light-colored preferred. Do not envy how other people's dolls how, are taken care of, do not take care of then the good doll is also a spring nun. At first it is very difficult, familiar with it will enjoy it. Really will not draw, Baidu. Do not choose colored pencil, cosmetics used by ordinary people is good.

6.SM problem: Let's not say that this is correct or not, just a suggestion for the waifu with alternative preferences. The doll skeleton is currently not omnipotent, that is, ask for a clear range of activities, if broken sent back to repair is very troublesome. You can pinch, you can grab, but please remember to cut your nails, leaving a mark okay, if it is to get a mouth is not good. And if you need to super experience, across the clothes hard on, basically pull down the meat, TPE tear strength is very strong, and leave nail marks themselves will rebound. If you are silicone, then I suggest you do not make hard, because silicone is usually not rebound, the injury is not reversible, nail prints will not go down. Very distressed.

7. storage problems: put when you must take the blanket wrapped, or bump very painful. Intermittent time to play powder oh, oil control imitation dye is very important, light color is not easy to dye, but if the doll out a lot of oil will automatically adsorb color. If you put in the closet, no problem, but remember not to keep curled up, to move around, or the joints are prone to bad. There are manufacturers can do hooks, the back to leave holes, directly with the hanging clothes can be, of course, to be mentally strong.

Finally in a word, we must buy again to measure the force, the force is the force of physical strength, because the doll is really heavy, do not buy too high too heavy, or affect the operation. You can choose to buy a mini sex doll or torso doll so that it can be convenient for you to collect at the same time you can also have sex with her in various positions.
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セリーヌ コピー 品質 [M]
質感がよくて、快適で、 柔軟な通気性はもっと優れている。http://www.kopicheap.com/ レディース コピー 品質 このような良い生地は市販されていることも極めて少ない。
細部で考えた顔がそろって、 http://www.kopicheap.com/goods/42.html レディース コピー 激安 仕事が本当に洗練されて、
線が細かくて、 http://www.kopicheap.com/category-18 レディース コピー 後払い 糸くずが少なくて、 高品質
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